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Roughing Gouge Advice Needed

Will Williams
>Hi All,

I'm trying to decide on getting a roughing gouge and don't want to make an uninformed "beginner" mistake.

The reason I am looking into getting a roughing gouge is that I have been using a shallow spindle gouge which is about 1" wide for bark removal & rounding out square stock. The shallow gouge works OK but seems to be a bit "light" for the job; seems a heavier tool would be more comfortable.

Anyway I've checked out the catalogs & am undecided which is the best one to get. Seems the 3/4" is the most popular (according to the catalogs)& the price is very good ($55.99 Craft Supplies, Henry Taylor) as compared to a wider 1 1/2" version at $87.99. I have been leaning towards the Henry Taylor brand because I have had good luck with them so far.

Guess my question is: What size / brand roughing gouge do experienced turners really prefer & is it worth the extra $32.00 for the 1 1/2" gouge. My budget is on the tight side.

Any advice or opnions would really appreciated.


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