Turning Archive 2006

Thanks to Don Farr and Gary Evens

Dave Smith, Longview, WA
>I finally purchased and connected a remote controller to the VFD I have installed on my Jet 1236. What a sweet controller it is. Don made me a deal on a VFD controller that was not what the customer needed. Last week I ordered the remote from Don's company, DC Industrial. Don what a sweetheart Heather is. I would call and order something I didn't need just to talk to her.

Gary Evens sold me a used 3 phase motor with 4 step pulley for the cost of shipping. Actually we swapped motor for wood with equal shipping cost. I need to send him an other box of wood to even out the deal. On top of that I got a 3 phase motor Ray Thompson had laying around in his shop for the cost of shipping. I want to make a bowl lathe similar to Vern Leibrant's on a smaller scale using the motor that I got from Ray with the same VFD controller. I don't usually run two lathes at once.

The biggest hang up on the project was trying to find a pulley with 24mm bore. I must have looked in all the wrong places because I could not find one. I bought a 4 step pulley from Surplus Center with a 3/4" bore. I had planned to send it to Ron Berg to have it bore out to 24mm but I waited too long and the Reeves pulley I was still using on the lathe shaft gave up to ghost last week. So I got out my Jet Mini metal lathe and bored the pulley with a sharp scrapper(sharpened often) and some wet dry sand paper. I would not have been able to do this if the pulley was not pot metal. The set screw fits nicely in the shaft key way groove.

Now I just need to design a permanent motor mount before taking pictures and writing a review on the project. The mount I have now is made with plywood. Hey, I am suppose to be a woodworker when I am not tinkering with stone, metal, electronics, and chemistry.

Dave Smith

Flying the flag on the 4th of July in Longview, WA.

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