Turning Archive 2006

While I'm waiting...

Peter Teubel
>...for my replacement spindle for my big lathe, I went a little overboard with the shop (again). I have a loft area above the ceiling. Not much room (4ft high), but its a good storage space. For years, I have a regular ladder hinged at the top that I would drop down to access that space. I really wanted a set of stairs.

So a friend and I set about to build a hinged staircase. After it was completed, it was kinda heavy to lift up and down manually, so I added a 12v winch I had laying around to do the lifting and lowering. Works great!

Now I can have easy access to the storage area without having to balance on a ladder while carrying a 50 lb blank.

Even though the winch is designed to hold its rated load, I just felt safer adding a safety chain...just in case. No, that's not a plastic chain....its a vinyl coated 3/8" steel chain.

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