Turning Archive 2006

interesting breakfast

john lucas
>I hope the rest of my day goes better. I was making pancakes this morning and as usual had 3 different things going at once. I went to flip the pancake and remembered that I hadn't gotten a plate out so I ran to the cabinet and got a plate, then flipped the pancake right into the plate instead of the skillet. Not one of my more brilliant moves. I'm not sure I should get near a power machine today. However I have a great platter project I'm starting on and you'll all love it so I guess I better clean up the mess and get to work. Also going to put the finishing touches on putting indexing on my jet mini. This is going really well as well. I'll post some photos when done. I'm also working on an adjustable riser for my router carving tool. If I manage to get all of those done today it will be a miracle but it won't get done if I sit here and type.

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