Turning Archive 2006

beall buffing adventures

>Hello: I bought a beall buff kit, the 8 inch wheel kind, last winter when it was on sale. I never got a round to using it until yesterday. I spent two hours and tried three different electric motors to mount the aluminum arbor on. The first motor worked fine when I tried it but then I discovered that it turned the wrong way and apparently the rotation can not be reversed on that one. Then I hunted around and found another motor but lo and behold it was a 3450 rpm, not recommended at all to use that speed. THe third motor I found in the barn, I never could get to work right. So there I am in my shop, trying to decided what else to mount the buffs on. Then a light went on in my thick head, there stands my lathe, the rotation is reversable and the speed is variable, perfect. I just mounted my bowl chuck on the lathe and clamped the aluminum buff arbor in the the chuck. It worked great but I do want to get the shaft extension so I can get inside the bowls better. Has anyone else ever resorted to this sort of thing? Jared

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