Turning Archive 2006

Dinyar...new thread *PIC*

Keith Tompkins
>Hi Dinyar. I modified your pic to explain my ideas more clearly. Yes, a triangle can be drawn around just about any shape if you make it big enough. However, as shown in your pics, the bowl doesn't fit WELL...if we imagine your triangle as WOOD, there would be a tremendous waste of material to arrive at your bowl.

In this modified pic, the bowl form you drew fits easily into a much smaller triangle, but the foot does NOT. Reducing the size of the foot to fit the triangle will result in a more pleasing overall form.

The second pic shows what shape may better fit into the triangle you drew; again the foot should fit within the triangle.

The triangle method can be used in two ways...to design a piece in advance, or to study existing forms to see if they fit well within the guidelines established by the triangle.

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