Turning Archive 2006

Post Premier Reflections *PIC*

Rick Davenport
>Well my first public showing is over.
I believe it was successful.
Got lots of compliments, got some requests, passed out a ton of cards, was constantly asked if I was coming back next week (it's a weekly Saturday market), got good reviews from some turners who happened by, and sold enough to pay for my booth (and six more Saturdays), canopy, displays etc.
One question I had going is was "what is going to sell?"
I got an answer I didn't expect. I sold a little bit of everything.
Some people loved the natural edge stuff, others really liked the spalted maple, still others liked wine openers, vases, burls and pens.
In other words, no trend. I guess I gotta do a little everything to reload for the next show.

I've enclosed a picture of the booth.
It was so darn hard to get it under 80kb that it's a really crappy shot.

Oh well.

It was a fun day.

Time for a celebratory shot of Bushmills on the rocks.



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