Turning Archive 2006

CA "finish" question...

Jeremy in LA
>I had to reinforce/repair some checking on a Bloodwood urn as I turned it, and due to the moisture I found as I went along and hollowed it, I decided I'd do a "CA soak" inside and out, just in case.. now I'm faced with a situation I've been in before.. As I sanded the outside, I noticed spots that appear to be more saturated with CA naturally take a higher polish than the other spots. I sanded thoroughly to 600g until the surface was uniform (no CA bumps), but I still am faced with shiny spots. I left it in the chuck and buffed with tripoli/white diamond to see how things would blend, but they're still there - as they have been in the past on some pieces. Any way around this? Do I just need to sand more and more? Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks!
- Jeremy

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