Turning Archive 2006

Louisville photo disaster !!

Dave Peebles Lyons, Ohio!
>Hello all,

When I got back home from the symposium I had over 50 photos of all the things that interested me there. Including some great shots of Jen, Chris K, and Jim Shaver at the auction.

I was having some trouble with my web site, and decided to wait for the long 4th weekend to get thing figured out and upload them to my site.

Sooooo, tonight I stuck the card from my Sony camera into the computer... it has a build in slot that makes things easy for me....usually :) And much to my horror, nothing.. nada.. zip. All the photos seem to have been lost in the ozone. I am still not sure what has happened. But they were there when I checked them Sunday.

It seems that there will be no "2006 Symposium" on my site. That is a real bummer to me. But, I will still have the memories of all the great people I met there. And there were many!!


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