Turning Archive 2006

Klein-Vesery collaboration questions

Ed Moore
>1. Has anyone posted a picture of the celebrated Bonnie Klein and Jacques Vesery collaboration that sold for so much in the AAW auction?

2. If not, and you have a picture, would you consider posting it for us to see?

3. What are the approximate dimensions of this piece?

Despite the failings of the Galt House I had a great time at the symposium. I romanced the Robust lathe, purchased a Lacer hone, and was a little bit turned off by the promotions of Cryo-Steel. I was prepared to pay some bucks for a good Negative Rake Scraper from Cryo-Steel and was irritated that they wouldn't sell me one - although I had the distinct impression that if I had been a big hat they would have given me one. I saw some good demos and some excellent ones. And best of all I met some of the WC-ers at lunch and elsewhere.


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