Turning Archive 2006

Vendor attitudes

>I always read every thread about equipment and tools for us turners and especially how each manufacturer deals with service problems. When I had my manufacturing company I always told my employees that any problem we had could be the best sales tool that we had if it was taken care of politely and quickly. Customers expect an occasional problem but how a company deals with these problems separates the good from the bad. The attitude of a company is just as important as their product. I have a VL300 lathe that is basically a very good lathe but I had a couple of complaints with it and I discussed these with the manufacturer at the symp in Orlando. Rather than making an attempt to solve the problem they pretended there wasn't one. After a lot of frustration with a toolrest that would not stay where I put it and not wanting to absorb the cost of trading lathes I aksed Kevin at One-way if he could make a banjo and toolrest for my Vicmarc lathe. He could have taken the attitude that if he solved my problem I would not likely trade my lathe for a One-way but instead he seemed happy to help me out. Another member of our club found out that One-way was making me a replacement banjo and toolrest for my Vic and he told me he had the same problem with his PM4224 and would also like to order a banjo and rest. Both of us are very happy now with our lathes. Solving a problem of your own design is one thing but solving another company's problems goes well beyond what is expected. Hat's off to One-way.....again!

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