Turning Archive 2006

Good first show - Thanks to Woodcentral *PIC*

Devon Palmer

Had my first show this last weekend, and considered it to be really successful - largely in part to the advice I've received from this forum: The great lists of "what to take", "how to package stuff post sale", to "Should I take Credit Cards?"

Special thanks to John Lucas, who never fails to share his wisdom and experience as well as all the other regulars.

It was a 3 day show, 11a-11pm, kinda a hippy street fest, but, was in the arts district so, it worked out well (and the kinda scene I frequent anyways).

I've got 5 more local shows this summer, mostly unintentional as I applied to 5-6 shows thinking I "might" get into one, and got accepted into them all BUT one (musta just been the good photographs LOL). So, I'm in kind of a production "panic" to keep enough inventory around.

Again, thanks to all for the help and support.

Devon Palmer, Columbus Ohio.

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