Turning Archive 2006

I am looking for some turned table legs

>I have a client that wants me to build her some long cabinets, with turned legs for an outdoor kitchen. The cabinets would require 11 turned legs, which would be approx. 33" high, and have a square top end that is about 4"x 4".

The turning would probably be something similar to a farmhouse style leg, but that hasnt been finalized. I was thinking of white oak for the wood, unless someone else has another idea. I believe the client will want me to distress the legs, and they will end up being painted or solid stained. The counertops are going to be 3" of concrete, so there will be some weight on these legs. The back side of the counter will be lagged to the foundation.

The timeline is such that I cannot turn these myself, so I was wondering if there were any members here that could do this for me? I would need these legs in July, probably no later than the third week, and I am located in Connecticut. I know this is short notice, no thanks to the designer, but I would really like to do this if I can.

If there is anyone here that could do this work for me, please let me know and provide the best means of contact.


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