Turning Archive 2006

It seemed like a good idea at the time....

Dave Belser
>I finally got back from Louisville, had a great time. I actually won the door prize at the WC lunch, which is amazing as I never win anything. I took I lot of design and enhancement rotations - enough to get my head spinning. I've got an idea for a locking box, and I'm spending a lot of time thinking about design elements.

So today I'm standing in line at the bank looking at the absolutely gorgeous vault doors behind the teller line. Gears, bars, bolts - chrome, steel, brass and glass, and lots of filigree. I love to look at this vault and I'm puzzled by the fact that a lot of the mechanism is visible - inviting one to try to figure out how it works. The the obvious clicks, I could probably get some neat design ideas from it.

So I ask the teller if I can take pictures of it, and he gives me a strange look and directs me to the branch manager. I walk over to the "greeter" and ask to speak to Mr. Smith. When she asks me what I want to see him for I say again that "I'd like to take pictures of your vault". As she walks away I realize that other bank people are giving me strange looks. Mr. Smith briskly walks out of his office and in my direction and I finally realize that maybe it wasn't such a good idea to ask in the first place.

Anyhow, I did some quick explaining and gave him a business card, say that I could certainly understand why they didn't want me taking any pictures. I've been home for a few hours now and have been checking out the windows regularly, no black suburbans..... yet.

If I stop posting, you will know what happened :)

- Dave

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