Turning Archive 2006


Keith Tompkins
>Wow, I woke up this morning to find a list of e-mails requesting copies of my handouts! I added up my receipts to find I handed out 660 copies. I still ran out, despite two additional trips to Kinko's.

If anyone here would like to request a handout, e-mail me with your address, and I will do my best to send one to you. I will get ahold of Ellis about publishing the handouts in the "Articles" section as well. AAW has expressed a desire to publish the design handout as well.

It used to be a requirement of AAW that handouts accompany each demo, but that rule has been mostly abandoned. I think it's too bad, because those who attend a demo cannot be expected to remember everything from so many rotations. The handouts were expensive, costing about $250.00, but I felt it was necessary.

I spent quite a bit of time putting the handouts together, then my computer crashed...I lost everything, and had to start over. The covers were to be in color, but the cost prevented that! Black and white would have to do.

I would like to express my gratitude to all who attended my demos, thanks so much.

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