Turning Archive 2006

Home Again, Too ,with a gloat

Keith Tompkins
>Wow! What a great symposium! Some details: This was the largest symposium attendance ever, with about 2,000 registered turners.The banquet drew over 2,400 attendees. AND, the instant gallery was absolutely stunning! I think it was the best ever, as well. Some remarkable pieces. One of the highlights of the whole event was the WC lunch; I got to meet some old friends, and meet some new ones!It was great to put faces with familiar names!

My demos went pretty well; I gave out over 600 handouts....ran out with people still in the hallway unable to get into the room. I want to thank John and Ron for their great assistance! I Thought of a couple of improvements to my demos, and had some great suggestions and responses. There may be a DVD coming as well...no promises yet.

My piece "Playing Hooky #2" was selected for the critique, and received a very nice review. I sold my instant gallery piece "Pink Ivory Rose" to a major collector...his purchases were a Bin Pho piece and my rose...not too shabby. Another collector, unable to buy the rose, ordered another one as well. A couple of really neat colaboratives are in the works too. A very good symposium!

Ed Kelle, a WC contributor , received a critique of his work as well...boy, He was excited! Congrats, Ed!

AND, Louisville is a great town! I loved it.

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