Turning Archive 2006

Great times in Louisville!

Chris K in MD
>I had some really great moments meeting people whom I have known for a while but never met in person. I had hoped to meet more of you all (the WC lunch was really nice but I knew there were more of you in louisville). There were so many people there it was dizzing at times.

I wish there were more WC poeple hanging out in the bar at night, there were many great times there! These nights with you all (you know who you are) were the highlights of the trip - I cant wait to see you all again soon.

Many things have been said about the hotel, it had so many issues. Ones that occured but havent been mentioned yet (or I didnt see) there were two fire alarms one 1:30 am thursday morning and then another 11:30pm last night. Add this to the mentioned lines, cold water showers, no towels etc. Did anyone else notice the "C" health department rating of the magnolia grill? It was tucked just behind a plant at the enterance.

AAW raised some serious cash (~85k) from the benefit auction. Molly Winton, Mark Kauder, Jennifer Shirley, Jim Shaver, and Ed Kelle all donated items that bid up very well. Congratulations to you all (sorry if I missed anyone else) your generousity and pieces were truly awesome.

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