Turning Archive 2006

AAW symposium

john lucas
>Well I just got back from my vacation, the AAW symposium. Sorry no pics, I said I was on vacation and it was nice not having a camera aroun my neck all the time. I did get to meet a lot of WC and WOW people. Guess what, there just as nice in person. We had a luncheon with about 40 or more people, that was a gas.

I ran the camera for Keith Thompkins on his demo on form and design. It was a good demo and seemed to be well received. Hans Weisflog is quite funny and turned a saturn shaped box with the ring cut free to rotate. I got to meet Mike Darlow, Stewart Mortimer, had drinks with Bill Grumbine and got to meet many of the other instructors.

The tools oh my god what a selection. Glaser had a huge booth introducing thier new tools. These are nice tools but you better have deep pockets. Henry Taylor had the new Kryo tools and of course there were lots of other brands.

Laguna had some bandsaws that will make your mouth water and some lathes that are really more for industrial projects. Oneway had a new system for quickly changing thier chucks from one lathe to another. I looked at the Robust lathe pretty hard. It is really nice but I fell in love with their tool rests and guess what. They will fit the Powermatic so I may order one. Stubby, Powermatic, Jet, Delta and Woodtec also had thier lathes.

I didn't hear the last account but I did hear we had 1800 people registered and 24oo at the banquet. The instant gallery was huge and had some incredible pieces. There was a giant blowfish that was swallowing a Submarine and a 6 foot tall trembler that was about 3/16 thick. I can't even begin to describe the variety of turnings

Keith's fish was picked to be discussed in the gallery critic. It got some very good comments from all 3 of the professionls, STeve Loar, Betty Scrapino and Hans Weisfolg.

All in all it was really fun but tiring. I got up too early and went to bed too late and then ran all day. EVen though I saw a lot of neat stuff it was the people that made it great. Getting to put faces to all the names was fun. We decided no one looks like they type and it was fun finding out where everyone lives. I think it made for a closer community.

I'm sure someone else will post some photos. I needed a break from the camera and it was well worth it. Now I'm really excited about getting back to the lathe to play.

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