Turning Archive 2006

Tru-Oil and Deft Danish Oil

Richard Jones
>Was wondering how many folks use Tru-Oil, if any. I have used it on countless gun stocks, and my method is: multiple coats (don't think I've ever used more than 9 or 10), with 4/0 wool in between. I also use 4/0 wool after the last coat, since I like a rubbed look vs. the glossy look that Tru-Oil has after application. Even the gloss that Remington used to use on some of their rifles benefitted from some 4/0 steel wool.......

Also, anyone using the Deft Danish Oil? Supposedly has some additive that is better than Danish oil alone?

Heading to Woodcraft this morning, please pray for me.......... :)

All kidding aside, I always appreciate any prayers that anyone cares to say for me. We all need more of that!

Hope everyone has a great day!!!

Rich in VA
Reporting "LIVE" from the suburbs of beautiful downtown Deatonville, VA.............

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