Turning Archive 2006

Drying blanks

>I collected a few nice bits of birch, which the railway people had cut behind my house. Cut a few blanks (approx 7 by 2 inches). First bowl, turned green, warped so much that no re-turning would fix it. Second blank was dried in my microwave, following the prescribed procedure thoroughly, and it promptly cracked beyond repair. I left the third blank in my workshop (warm and dry) to dry in the air and it cracked after a few days. I was sick and tired of all this by now. Fourth blank: left it burried in a small pile of dry shavings for a month, during which time it lost half of its moisture. Then left it in open air for another two weeks and it was quite dry and ready to be turned. EASY. NO CRACKS! My question: has someone have any experience with this method of drying wood by leaving it burried in dry shavings for a while?

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