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Totally OT: Home brew BBQ mix?

Dominic Greco in Richboro PA
>Hello Everyone,

Now I know from last week's chat that people have favorite woods to use when BBQ'ing. But what kind of recipes do you have for home brew BBQ sauce? Or maybe some type of rub?

I was BBQ'ing chicken last night and had a awesome mix of mesquite, apple, and cherry flavoring the air with their aromas. However, when I went to grab some BBQ sauce, there was none to be found. So I whipped up a mix using ketchup (yuck) as a base. I added a healthy portion of chile powder, garlic powder, dash of salt, fresh ground pepper, adobo, paprika, and honey. My wife even complimented me on the taste I achieved. So that seemed to work out well. But with your help, I think I can do better...

So,....tell me your secret BBQ brew!

See ya around,

My ugly mug


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