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Grinding Radius Skews *PIC*

RK in Milw
>Because I teach a skew class at the local Woodcraft, I need a faster way to shape tools for students. Invariably, students show up with tools that are either horribly sharpened or tools that have been purchased the day of the class. The Tormek is great for final sharpening and maintaining the edge, but it doesn't remove metal fast enough for initial shaping. Another consideration is that not all students are going to buy a Tormek, so I wanted to present an easy to build solution that students can use at home.

Tormek jigs are the best I have found. They have the only jig for skews that handle not only oval skews, but also grind a perfect radius on a skew. I got to thinking that it would be great to have the best of both worlds.

I finished this setup last night and tested it and it works perfectly. This setup uses the same geometry as the Tormek but you get the speed of a normal grinder to boot.

The grinder shown is the cheap grinder that Woodcraft sells. You can see that the grinder is configured for the Wolverine jigs and they are still mounted and used. The distance from the base of the grinder to the center of the arbor is 6 1/4" as specified by Wolverine.

To mimick the geometry of the Tormek, the base of the tool rest holder (Tormek XB-100) must be 1 5/8" above the center of the grinder arbor. Therefore the pedestal for tool rest holder is 7 3/8" high on my setup. My baseboard is 24" long by 11" wide and 1 1/2" thick. The center of the pedestal is 12" from the center of the grinder. I have tested the Tormek SVS-50 skew jig and the SVD-185 gouge jig. Just about any Tormek jig should work on this setup. Consult the Tormek owners manual for actual setup of all Tormek jigs. Note that the guard on the grinder had to be cut back a bit.

Parts list: XB-100 Horizontal Base for Universal Tool Support (19.95) Micro Adjust Universal Tool Support (31.95) HB-10E Tormek Owners Manual (16.95)

I make no claims for the efficacy or safety of this setup. I hope this helps any of you that have frustrations with current sharpening systems. Feel free to repost as an article.

See you all in L'ville and at lunch on Friday.

Ron Nelson.

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