Turning Archive 2006


Peter Charles Fagg (UK)
>A very basic question but very relevant.

I have been requested to turn a cheeseboard!

Now for the difficult part!

The customer has requested a hardwood that is as dark as her bedhead which is very reminiscent of Mahogany stained almost Blue/Black! The reason is that her daughter is getting married and for all her daughters childhood she used the bed!!!

I have offered to make it out of Sycamore (Maple) or Ash with an insert of Marble or Slate but that is unacceptable, it must be a naturally dark Hardwood.

I realise that the acidity of some cheeses could leech out the colour of for example, Padauk, so amongst the members of WoodCentral and visitors does anyone have any clean suggestions for the wood type. I will need to make it about 12 inches in diameter AND within the next 2 weeks!

Regards Peter.

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