Turning Archive 2006

OT- Coyote- Long

Barbara Gill, Remlik VA
>Last week I was sitting out in the log yard waiting for a customer to show up; it was about 12 noon. I looked up and saw what I first thought wasa the biggest fox I had ever seen. Then I realized it was a coyote. It was just strolling out from behind the building where my sawmill is. My first thought was rabid animal so I climbed aboard my forklift. Several days later someone else saw the same animal or another. All this week I have had a pistol in my pocket while sawing as I still do not know if the thing is ok. Today I saw a Turkey Buzzard showing interest in something. It was a dead baby coyote. I think the mother has a den in the tangle behind the mill. It is a perfect location, pleanty of rabbits and lots of private space. I am surprised that the noise of the mill and the fork lift didn't bother her.

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