Turning Archive 2006

Mulberry after Four years *PIC*

Mike Brazeau
>I have seen numerous postings around the various sites about Mulberry. Not that easy to obtain and people wonder if it is worth doing something with. I gave this bowl to my sister-in-law four years ago. It is amazing to see the tranformation in colour that time has made. A member at our guild meeting last night said that Mulberry responds well to ammonia fumimg and that this colour could be achieved in a couple of hours. Reflecting on my work of four years ago, today I would make it thinner and the foot about half as high I think. It is an incredibly rich brown and a colour that no stain could replicate. The shot of the underside in my next posting gives a truer colour. This came from a small crotch pice that was in their woodpile. At the time, I could not identify the wood as I had never seen it before. I posted a picture of a goblet I turned first from it and I think John Lucas nailed it for me on one of the other forums of the time.

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