Turning Archive 2006

Feels Like Neck is Broke

W.C. Turner
>Hi all,

I'm up writing this now because I can't sleep. Or I should say, I could sleep, but, I can't find a position to lay that my neck don't hurt. Here's the story. My neck has been hurting the last couple of days for no apparent reason. But, at my age, a reasonalble explanation is not necessary. Anyway, today, SWMBO, says, maybe it's because you're doing more turning . I first said, No Way, but, the more I thought about it, I think maybe she's right, as bad as I hate to admit it. That's got to be what has caused this.

As I think about it, I believe I have seriously strained the ligaments in my neck. Very sore, from the base of the neck, all the way up into the skull. I was trying to finish a piece, & you know how you try to keep from tearing the end grain, or accidently hitting the piece with the tip of the gouge, or something else dumb, but, I surely wasn't aware that I had tensed up my neck muscles to this extent.

I can barely lift my head, can't turn head side to side, as in driving to look for traffic. Aside from having your lower back go out, this is the worse thing that can happen to you, I believe. When your back goes out you aren't able to do anything, and this falls pretty much into that category.

I was just wondering if anybody else has had their neck get sore like this from turning, and what did you do for it, short of suicide?

Thanks in advance!


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