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First Pen.....9 y.o. Monster Created *PIC*

Mike D
>I just found out how quickly the Pen turning hobby can be.

My son and I went to the local Woodcraft this weekend to see a pen turning demo. My son was mesmerized. He has never shown any interest in the shop before, but now he was very excited to try this. As the demo was ending the manager of the store offered to let some of the audience give it a try. My son's hand shot up quicker then a Patriot Missle.

He got right up there (after they found a suitible platform to stand on) and got right after it. A few corrections here and there by the instructor, but he got the technique pretty quickly. We didn't get to finish the pen there, but we took it home to finish.

I was so proud of my son and very excited that we found a mutual interest in turning that I went on a little shopping spree at Woodcraft to load up on pen turning supplies. I tell my son to pick out a roughing gouge to use...Of course he picks the same one they demo with...a 3/4" Robert Sorbey.

In my excitement I also finally broke down and splurged on the Tormek sharpening system with the turning jig package. (mini-gloat)

So we get home and he can not wait to get on the lathe and finish it up. Unfortunately my current lathe is the Delta 46-700 with a 12" tool rest. Not the optimal machine for pen turning, but we made do. Below is a picture of my 9 year old son's first effort...

Plans are now in the works for Grandfather's day gifts, teachers gifts..."Who else can we give them to, Dad?"

So I am rethinking my lathe requirements now. Originally I was aiming to replace my Delta with a lathe that would be specifically for bowl turning. Looked at the Vega 2600, and old Union Graduate Bowl lathe and the Jet and Delta 1642 models. Think I am going to move away from the strictly Bowl type lathe. The 1642 size looks good. Or maybe I will buy him the mini and save for the Powermatic 3520...too many choices. Any suggestions? The Delta lathe is already up for sale.

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