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Survey: 24" vs. 25" swing lathes

Brent English - Robust Tools
>Hi: Need your help. Before I designed the Robust lathe, I surveyed almost 200 woodturners. One of the things many of them said is that they wished they had bought a lathe that was just a little bit bigger than the one they had. With that in mind, I made the big Robust lathe a 25" swing machine instead of the normal 24" swing that many other manufacturers offer. Now that we've been in business for a year, I have heard a couple of turners express concern about the perception that accessories designed for a 24" machine won't work (bowl savers, steady rests, etc.) Even though they will, or can be quickly made to work, it is still an obstacle to sale.

So my question to you all is: Should I continue to offer the big Robust lathe as a 25" machine or convert to a 24" and why do you thinks so?

Thanks in advance for your input, if you want individual replies, please feel free to email me at brent@turnrobust.com, otherwise, I'll just set back and read your comments - Thanks again.

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