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Hello-o-o, Louisville???

Mark Mandell - Gone Round In Jersey
>Okay, Folks, fractured vernacular aside, if we're going to have a WC gathering at the Symposium that involves food, we (I) need information on places to do this.

Jamie mentioned Spaghetti Factory, I had some info on a couple of brew pubs a short distance from the Galt center.

What we need here is some who know the area and places' relative worth to give us an opinion or two to help make a plan, but so far we're getting pretty much Zip. Google lists somewhat less than a zillion places to eat in the area, but what we need is reviews and info.

Don't we have any "Louisvillians" hanging around this Board who know the good places or, at least, some people who have gotten sick at one of these joints who can tell us where to AVOID?

If nothing's coming out, we might just as well meet in the "lunchroom" at the Galt House on Friday.


ps: If you'd rather send info privately, drop the "2" in my listed address, and ignore the SpamBlocker notice you'll get.


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