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Things to do in North Carolina

Tom Sweeney - Coatesville, PA
>Hey Folks,
I haven't been around much for a few months because I've been way too busy to keep up with my WW'ing hobby. Hopefully by winter that will change. Next Saturday I'm heading down to Mississippi with a group on a home repair mission trip then back to work for a week then LOML & I are taking a long overdue & much needed vacation. We're driving down to Asheville, NC from 7/1 to 7/4 then over to Mooresville / Davidson, NC (Lake Norman) for the rest of the week. We're definitely doing the Biltmore & I found the Mint museum in Charlotte that looks like a real winner. Anything else that is a must see - woodworking or otherwise - in these 2 areas? I like auto racing, but not a huge NASCAR fan & don't want to drag LOML to one of the team shops in Mooresville. Mostly looking for R&R, but a few interesting side trips would be good. The trade school I work for has a school in Mooresville, partnered with NASCAR actually, & I want to check out the area & the school because I'd like to get transferred down there in a few years.
Thanks for any pointers & I hope to be around more in the near future.

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