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Secondary dust collector

Edward J
>Have "inherited'a shop dust collector, but am finding that the impellor keeps getting plugged with shavings from the lathe. Did some research and find that I need a secondary container to sidetrack the shavings. These are invariably plastic trash bins with a special top. The cheapo version is nothing more than a lid with two ports, but with a price of CDN$40.00. The Lee Valley version, called a "Cyclone lid" is a bit fancier with strategically placed and angled ports. My "Inner cheapness" (and also hearing my wife pointing out) is questioning the fact of forking out $40-50 for a plastic garbage can lid...

The dust collector in my garage is situated in a tight place and I don't have the room for a round trash bin. I'm thinking of making a custom sized one, rectangular in shape, to fit in this tight space and making my own lid.

Does the design of this secondary chip collector demand that it be round? Do the ports have to be angled and strategically placed?

Any advice would be helpful
Edward in Vancouver

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