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Re: non-slip mat...a follow-up

>Thanks to everyone who replied. I went to Walmart looking for "foamies" or router pads or shelf liners...anything. Ended up with a thin mouse pad..."Mouse Mat" I think it was called. Works great.

I have another question regarding this process...the opening on my hollow form is roughly inch and a half. Taking note of warnings about breaking using a true jam chuck, I turned a shaft long enough to go to the bottom of the vessel and tight but not jam tight at the lip. Then I chucked the shaft, trued it, and slipped the vessel over it and brought up the tail stock.

Now I have done this several times, and theoretically, the bowl should run true. But it never does. There is always a very slight idiosyncrasy. I have never been able to eliminate that--the tail stock prevents me from adjusting the position. I generally go ahead and finish the bowl or hollow form and any discrepancy is pretty much invisible but it makes me think I am doing something wrong or that there might be a better way.

Does anyone have any ideas or tips in this regard?

In the High Desert of Central Oregon

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