Turning Archive 2006

Delta customer care.

Steve in NC
>Hi folks

I have posted a couple of times about the vibration problems with my Delta 46-715. Previously Delta replaced the motor pulley at No Charge (After it flew apart) I am now at the end of my two year wanentee and I developed a crack in the pulley on the spindle. Looks like the spindle my be bent also. Fearing the worst, I called called Delta tech support.

They were great.

They not only are sending a new spindle and pulley, the technician made sure I was getting the retaining clips and bushings I needed as well. When I mentioned that while I had it apart I was going to order bearings (I expected to pay for these) he added those at N/C as well.

While I am not happy with the problems I have had with the lathe, I cannot say enough for the positive and helpful response I have received both times from Delta Customer Support.

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