Turning Archive 2006

Yo, So, Like Wuzzupwhidat?

Mark Mandell - Gone Round In Jersey
>So, like now we got Ellis there on Thursday, already.

And, like lots a peoples wuz talkin' preddy good about doin' sumthin', ok, but dat tred died just about as fast as wunna Uncle Vinnie's deadbeats.

So now I'm not seein', like, anyting about what we're axshully gonna DO at dis jernt, alright?

So is dis WoodCentral toiner's ting gonna be like a lunch deal? or

Do we, like, all show up in Ellis' motelroom wit a coupla six-packs? or

Maybe we go cruise some clubs (dey got clubs dare, right?)? or

Like, whatever?

C'mon Dudes (an youz Dudettes, also, okay?), what's it gonna be?

Geez, how hard is it to plan a little party in Kentucky? I mean, like, it's only, like, less than two weeks away, and, while I sointenly don wanna rush youz any, but, hey, notfanuthin,


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