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Louisville on Sat the 24th

Gary Evans Tallassee, TN
>Hi all,
I was just curious about who all will still be in Louisville on Saturday the 24th. I'd really like to meet as many folks from here as possible that day. I particularly want to meet the folks like Jennifer and Molly and others who I missed down at Terry's. I'll have on my WC hat, so anyone who sees it is welcome to come up and say hey. I don't bite, except in very rare circumstances. 8^]

And Ellis,
I may decide to come up for Thursday, cause I'd really like to give you this piece of buckeye burl. It would probably be cheaper to ship it, but nothing beats the pleasure of watching someone take possession of a beautiful piece of wood that they didn't have to pay for.

I look forward to meeting everyone in Louisville, even if it is in Kentucky. 8^]

Gary~~~a Tennessee boy through and through

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Louisville on Sat the 24th
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