Turning Archive 2006

When all else fails, read the directions...

Scott Hurley in N. VA
>I usually like to use a cone-type live center to hold my spindle turning and for safety with large bowls, etc. However, I've had my Jet 1642 for 7 months now, and thought that the live center that came with it only had the cone on it. I've been using a smaller live center because of that. Last night I was looking at a Oneway live center in a catalog, and the comment was made that the cones come off. Having an epiphany, I got out the user's manual and found the sentence that said "Remove or add different tips to the live center by inserting the provided bar through the holes in the..." Behold, the cone screwed right off and revealed a nice new cone center inside. Now I know what the little rod was for. Like they say, you learn something new every day. And there's something to be said for really reading the manual when you get a new tool...

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