Turning Archive 2006

Caution! Brazen Wood Gloat *PIC*

Gary Evans Tallassee, TN
>I hope no one minds these occasional posts of super nice wood that I run into from time to time. I, myself, really enjoy looking at the pictures from various posters of beautiful woods.

This is only the third Ambrosia Sycamore tree that I've seen since I've been messing with turning wood. It was taken down not far from here where they are clearing for a new power line. There is also a small Ambrosia Maple very close at hand, as well as some possible Ambrosia spalting in a near-by tulip poplar. I haven't cut into it yet.

These logs are all at least 44" long. The biggest is 16" at the small end. It steps down pretty regularly after that with a 1" reduction in diameter on each 4' log.

I don't want anyone to construe this as a backdoor attempt at a commercial post. Some of you know me through my turning wood business but many more of you don't know that I sell wood. This is wood that will be for sale eventually (if I ever get my bandsaw,) but my purpose is not to troll for customers. It is simply to share my love of the wood.

Just thought I should make these comments what with the recent reminder regarding commercial posts. I've hung around WoodCentral for, I suppose, around 6 years, almost from the very first days. I've always tried to be very circumspect in the way that I post here, so as not to abuse Ellis's good nature, or the rights and privileges of those who pay for the commercial ads. If anyone feels that this post steps across the commercial posting barrier, I won't be offended if it's pulled.

I would also welcome discussion on whether the intent of the poster should be the overriding factor when a merchant wants to post a picture of his wares for the edification of the whole group.

Gary Evans

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