Turning Archive 2006

8th Annual PNW BBQ date change and update!

David Sophusson, Custer Wa.
>Hi All!

Sorry to have been so quiet lately but Big Brother here at the plant thought it best to block me from the boards, go figure. Well it took me a week or two before I stumbled upon a way to get back in so for the past month or so Iíve just been lurking to see if anymore actions might be taken. So far so good so now itís time to try a few posts! :-)

So most important I want to assure everyone that our annual BBQ is still on but with the very generous help of Dustmaker Mike we have a very special guest and his lovely bride coming, Ellis and Candy, Yiippee!!! So in order to make it all work I needed to change the date to the weekend of August 5th. After making a bunch of phone calls this morning it turns out that the change works out better for everyone that I knew was coming anyway.

As always these get-to-gathers you see on the WC boards started and still continues to be about the great folks here wanting to meet face to face, make new friends, revisit old friends and maybe even learn or teach a few things. As always itís a pot luck type of thing and if there is enough interest and folks coming Iíll do the traditional salmon over the alder fire and prime-rib. And as in the past if you are coming just for the day or the entire weekend Becky and I will make sure you get enough nourishment to sustain you for the time youíre here and probably a day or two later.

We donít really do classes or seminars so to speak but there is always something going on and as always if there is something you want to learn there will always be someone to show you or teach you how to do it. And of course as always there is a whole lotta BSíing going on. :-)

For those of you that havenít been here before and are wondering just where the heck is Custer Wa? Well Iím about 2 Ĺ miles off of I-5 and about 5 minutes or so south of the Canadian border. For more detailed directions email me at dave.sophusson@alco.com

Thanks everyone for continuing to make these events so special!


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