Turning Archive 2006

On to Kentucky!

Bill Grumbine (Kutztown PA)
>Greetings all

I rolled in yesterday from my latest demo trip, doing a one day seminar for a class of middle school kids in RI, along with a couple of private lessons in RI and MA. Now I have two weeks to get ready for the trip to the symposium! I need to get in the shop and make a few things, or I will be standing there with nothing to show but my turning muscle.

I know there have been some plans made for getting together, and it may be that I will be able to participate, but I am going to be a working stiff down there, not just a civilian, and I do not yet know how my schedule will work out. If anyone here is going to be there, and wants to say hello, look for me at the Vega lathe booth. I will be doing my best to bury the place in shavings.

Just a word about my visit to RI. The kids there were a lot of fun, and had a lot of energy. They have a great shop teacher and a couple of assistants who really work hard to provide these kids with the tools and wood to keep their program going. These kids are the future, since they will be the ones turning when a lot of us are too old and feeble to stand at the lathe anymore. I really enjoyed their enthusiasm. I also enjoyed heckling them as well. One kid was muttering a bit about not having a chuck at home to finish his bowl. I asked him if he owned any video games. He got all excited and said "Yeah!". So I told him to take a handful of games and sell them at the secondhand store and buy himself a chuck! I wonder if he will follow through...


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