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Keith Tompkins
>Yesterday my family and I visited New York...Park Avenue, to be exact. It was the last day of SOFA NY, and I had complementary tickets. I've been to many shows and exhibits in the past, but this one was spectacular. This show blends art and craft, from the best makers in the world. Makers from Great Britian, France, the Netherlands, etc. were represented, as well as the US. Bronze sculptures, paintings, ceramics, glass, in addition to wood. I highly recommend visiting such shows as it really can expand one's horizons. Some of the works were mind-boggling in their execution, and commanded huge sums....25-30K pricetags were fairly commonplace, and a surprising number of pieces were marked "sold".

I had a nice conversation with Steve Sinner while there; one of his pieces was purchased by the Museum of Modern Art. He was a pretty happy guy.

It was most interesting to compare the turnings there with the other pieces in different media.....looking at wood objects in context with the rest of the world. I was impressed with several turnings, William Hunter's work in particular....as close to perfect as humanly possible, I think. This was a real eye-opening experience, to say the least.

To have my work displayed there was a bit surreal, exciting and humbling at the same time! Wow!

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