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Drying green turnings - The 'other' end

Raymond in Trenton, NJ
>Hi all,

I have a novice question on the length of the drying stage in green turnings. My question is not "How soon can I turn" which has been answered in the archives six ways from Thursday. I'm trying to find out "How long can I wait". Is there a limit?

The plan is to rough turn, seal and place in a closed paper bag with shavings. (marking date, species, color of socks, etc) A friend gave me some fresh cut holly and walnut. They are about ~12 in diameter and 20 " long. I sealed the ends as soon as I got them.

My problem is I don't have a lathe (yet). I have a short term ability to use a lathes and will try rough turning some bowls while that's available. After that, they'll likely sit for a good, long while :o)

Thanks for your indulgence,

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