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Maybe I shouldn't ask - Revisited

Ray Carson, New Jersey
>Hey gang,
I knew when I posted the question on Wood Central I was going to stir up the pot. (See Ray Carson, New Jersey -- Friday, 2 June 2006, at 2:07 p.m.)
Stupid on my behalf. I believe first of all that I do not have tools with good steel. I also know that I in fact didn't sharpen them well at all.
That being said, I still want to buy tools with better steel. Then I most certainly plan on learning a thing or two about sharpening a lathe tool properly. My lathe skills are good, what I learned many moons ago in high school hasn't left me. I always called the teacher and said to him can you sharpen this "chisel" for me?
I don't think I'll ever be turning wood 24 - 7. I added the lathe to my arsenal just to have something different to do. There have been a few projects where I could have used a lathe but opted to buy for example, pre-made table legs.
I appreciate the words of wisdom and constructive criticism. Some of it was.......painful........but I can take advice and learn from my elders. :-)
Just kidding.
Thanks for the advice everyone.

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