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OT - Health Screening...

>My Momma was recently hospitalized. She had two masses in her colon. They resected her colon and removed said masses. They were colon cancer of course. The type or stage was rather high. She has declined further treatment as she is aware of how debilitating chemotherapy is and she figures that she would rather not do it. Hopefully they got most if not all.
Prayers help of course.

Anyway, the reason I am putting the subject as "Health Screening.." is because her mother died of colon cancer. So I asked her, "Have you had a colonoscopy?". She said no. So anyway, I'll be scheduling my first colonoscopy pretty soon. That's one first degree relative and I'm over 50. Puts me in a postion where screening is pretty much mandatory. You don't have to have it done every year. But if you are in a risk group (as I am), you should really think about having one and make it a part of your health screening every few years. And if you aren't in a risk group - have it done anyway - just not as often.

Ya'll can pull this if you want.

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