Turning Archive 2006

OK; All of you Saturday night Cone-Heads *PIC*

Keith Newton

You need a table to set your beverage-units on. I ran across a 2,25" transparency the other day that I didn't have scanned, so I just stood it up on a rail of the shoji, and shot it in macro, so you can see the fiber texture coming through.

I made this piece back in 1993, and turned it on a PM 45 faceplate outboard. I had a conveyer gear-motor with a chain driving a big sprocket on an inboard faceplate. I got it down to about 1 rpm. I had the tail-stock clamped in a vice on a sturdy bench, and jury-rigged a full-length tool-rest that I kept the outfeed bed of my makita 6" power-plane riding on as I worked my way across.

This is when the fun started. The wood is QS Wenge. The wedges were milled with a 3/4" half-round on one edge, and a 3/4" flute milled in the other, so the parts automatically fit tight without worrying about a miter angle. I use thicken epoxy with something to blacken it to adhere the wedges.

I made it up in three parts of 120* arcs. with an over-all 30* angle to the cone. It is about 40" tall. The 3/4" beveled edge glass top is an ellipse.

Funny story.. The lady I was dating back then heard me refer to it as cone ellipse coffee table, She told me later after seeing it that she thought I was saying Coney Lips.. Like the mouth of a chicken. I liked it so much, I almost changed the name. I say anything you can do to put a smile on your pecker is good, Hun-!!

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