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Lathe Woes Update

John Veerkamp
>Thanks for the suggestions on my post below. After contacting several companies that sell and or make drive/inverters for small motors, I was refered to Yates Electric. They are the warrenty repair center in this area for Baldor( maker of the Delta 46-745 lath's invererter/controller) The technician who helped was very knowledgeable and was able to repair my controller in about 1/2 hour.I paid for 1/2 hour bench time.
The Delta service center had been less than helpful. They wanted to send me inverter with no variable speed control and would not even look at the controller. They "don't do electronic repair". Wouldn't even let me leave the head after I lugged it from the basement and made a 50 mile trip. Delta corporate said to take to the service center. Why?I already tried that. The lathe is out of warrenty and I wasn't pushing(yet) for warrenty repair. I was willing to pay reasonable repair costs.
I will think twice before purchasing another Delta tool.
Bottom line is after two weeks of frustration and finally a very good company I have my lathe back.

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