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OT: Since I don't have any woodwork to post

Mike Schwing from Md.
>Maybe a little race report? This is what has kept me from the woodshop for the past few months;

Approx 250 people were in attendance for the start of today's Pocomoke, MD sprint triathlon. .5 mile swim, 14.5 mile bike, 3.5 mile run. Nice and short.

Swim was held in a nice little clear water lake, course was set out like a triangle and we swam counter clockwise. 3 wave starts, 2 minutes apart. First wave was 29 and under and relay teams, 2nd was 30-39, and the last wave was us old fuggers - 40 and up. There appeared to be about 50 people in my swim wave, that meant about 200 swimmers ahead of me. That sucks as I'll probably swim through a hundred or so.

Anyway, my race starts 4 minutes after the first wave. I had a strong swim and sure enough started passing lots of slower swimmers. Fewer guys in my AG were ahead of me than I expected and it was pretty clear sailng, but I couldn't find anyone to draft who was going just a little faster than me so I chose open water. Looked right and saw one of the guys I swim with a few times per week at home directly next to me, and then never saw him again as I had the better line around the bouy.

Finished the swim in 9 minutes and change. That meant it was short by about 150 yards, fine by me. I had a very good swim, pace was about 1:25 per 100 yards, wasn't tired at all for a change.

On to the bike. Started out on rt. 113 North for about 1.5 miles with a nice tailwind, speed was about 25-26. That was all the tailwind though as the course was a square more or less and the remainder was lots of head and crosswind so the bike speed was slower than normal. But everyone suffers the same conditions, so it doesn't really matter. You just put your head down and spin the cranks in a lighter gear. Usually takes me about 7 miles / half hour to warm up but I was holding 22mph or so nonetheless and I was passing tons of riders. Usually, nobody/very few pass me on the bike, and this was holding true today. After I was warmed up I spun the gears up a little harder and by the time I finished the bike ride there were maybe a dozen bikes in the transition area - so I had passed 200 or so people in the swim and bike.

On to the run. After the first 100 yards or so my left quads cramped, but they loosened up within a mile. It was an out and back run so I was anxious to count how many people were ahead of me at the turn around. I counted 15, but most of them looked a good bit younger so I knew that even though they were in front of me I was really ahead of them. Figured a couple were relay teams, too. By now I realized I wouldn't be first place overall and was hoping for a first place age group win. Groups were doubled up this time for some reason so I was in 40-49 instead of 40-44. Lots of FAST dudes in my AG and the one above. I screwed up my watch but I figured I was running about a 6:45/mile pace. I passed 2 guys near the turn around and then near the end 2 people passed me they were young so I didn't care as at this point I was hunting for a top ten overall and an age group win.

Finished the race in 1:15 and a few seconds.

8th place overall out of about 250
1st place in the male 40-49.

A GREAT day for me!

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