Turning Archive 2006

Toolmaking question

steve antonucci
>I've made a bunch of tools in my lifetime, but I've never tried to harden O1. I just ordered a bunch of O1 from Enco, and I have the following questions:

1.) Enco O1 is probably not hardened (I cut it with a file...), right?

2.) Assuming I need to harden it, a torch with MAPP gas or is that too hot? What should I look for (red, yellow?)

3.) Quench in oil (since it's O1...), but does it matter what kind? I have transmission fluid, chainsaw bar oil, vegetable, mineral...

4.) The oil should smoke, but not ignite? Last thing I want is a flaming oil slick in my driveway.

5.) If the shank of the tool is O1, it probably makes sense to only harden the tip, and not the full length, right?


Can you tell I bought a torch last night? :-)

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