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>Hello all.
I have been a lurker in here for going on 4 years. I really enjoy the quality of posters and their work. I have held off contributing due to not wanting to get wrapped up in yet another messageboard. But you guys have drawn me in. All I can say is that you guys and gals will never know how many ways you have helped me out over the years. Your postings, tips, and tecniques are an unbelievable asset to the turning world.

About myself:
Active hobby turner for 5 years or so. Member in the AAW and one of the Project directors for my local chapter. I turn mostly bowls and vessels. Usually from local hardwood. I give most of it away to friends and neighbors but ocassionally sell some things. I turn on a Nova 3000 that I bought used off Barbara Gill several years ago (Hi Barbara). I have a wife, a daughter, and a son. We live out on Cape Cod, MA.

I have a question for you all.

Somewhere I read an article on vibration dampening using a vertical post with a top weight attached to the lathe near the headstock. I was in a chat room last night and told someone I would link them to the article. But now I can't find it. Can anyone remember where I saw that article?

Thanks again,

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