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Mike D
>The lathe I am being offered is the bowl turning version. There is no bed or tailstock. The motor is wired for single phase 220v. It is rated at 1 hp. It is used in a school setting. Students are still using the lathe, but the school is upgrading to a Powermatic 4224. They want another lathe with a tailstock. They would include a Oneway chuck with the lathe. The price is sub $1000.

For a brand new turner who wants to focus on turning bowls, how important is having a tailstock? Is 1 hp enough power to turn up to 12" bowls? The speed range is 425-790-1330-2250. The weight without the tailstock is 325. Is this heavy enough?

Thanks for your advise!

Fairport, NY

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Union Graduate Part ii *PIC*
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