Turning Archive 2006

Woo Hoo! First show approaching....

Devon Palmer
>Hey All,

So, I'm doing my first show -ever- coming up the weekend of June 23rd (unfortunately the same weekend as AAW). Its a local community festival, attracts supposedly 60,000+ people. I'm way excited/nervous trying to go over every last little detail in preparation from buying price tags, setting up a booth, to ordering a credit card imprinter and setting up the canopy I've just ordered. I've got small to large bowls/platters done. I'm hoping to complete 80 more in time for the show as well as a bunch of bottle stoppers, honey dippers, - inexpensive things.

Does anyone have any practical advice on setup? Stuff like marking price, make sure to include a business card, etc....

Wish me luck! :)

- Devon, Columbus Ohio

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